What will be the Human Resources Priorities in 2025? All students will be assigned to teams that will prepare a final paper and presentation. Prompted in part by the ideas presented for



At the end of this Team Assignment you will submit a paper entitled, Report to the Board: What will be the Human Resources Priorities in 2025? All students will be assigned to teams that will prepare a final paper and presentation.

Prompted in part by the ideas presented for the technology innovation project, the Human Resources Committee of the Board of Directors has become increasingly concerned about the ability to identify, recruit, and retain the appropriate skill mix for the organization. The CEO has designated an interdisciplinary team and asked it to prepare an analysis of current trends and their impact on the organization’s human resources in 2025.

Team Report (20 Percentage Points)

The Team Report, using the 7th edition of the APA style manual, is to include two separate papers.

1.  Detailed Paper to be submitted to the CEO
2.  Briefing Paper to be delivered to the BOD

Detailed Paper

1.  Identifies and discusses the macro-trends affecting the future of the US healthcare system, including such aspects as the overall economy, demographics, personal lifestyles and behaviors, technology (including biotechnology and smart phones), and federal and state government policies. Note that these factors are neither exhaustive nor are they offered as a mandatory framework; your research will identify macro-trends relevant to your findings.
2.  Use the above analysis, identify five (5) career opportunities that healthcare leaders will have to be aware of, address, or pursue in 2025. Be sure to explicitly link each job opportunity with the specific trends identified in your analysis.
3.  A minimum of five (5) references to independent research journals, official government sources, or non-vested technical reports must be incorporated and cited using 7th edition of the APA style manual.
4.  Be sure to support your conclusions with appropriate source material. Conclusions are not just “your opinion.” Each conclusion must be clearly linked to eternally valid sources of information.
5.  Prepare your essay in MS Word with 1-inch margins on all sides, double-spaced and 12 pt. Times New Roman font; and upload it to the assignment folder. A title sheet, abstract, body of the paper, and reference list are all required for this paper. Please note that the 10 to 12 page limit applies to the body of the paper.

Briefing Paper

Overall, a Briefing Paper is usually one to two pages. However, some Briefs may be including many pages. There are no hard and fast rules regarding length. Similarly, the format of a Briefing Paper may consist of an outline, bullet lists, text, or a combination of text and bullets. Although, content or topics and their length can vary in a Brief. For the Team Project, make sure your Team’s Briefing Paper is responsive to the four points listed below. Do not be concerned with length. Thus, your Team should aim to provided complete responses in the fewest number of pages (i.e., 2 pages)

1. Background and Purpose of the Team Project (see 1 under Team Report, above)
2. Key Objectives or Questions to be Answered (see 2 under Team Report, above)
3. Major Findings and Conclusions
4. Recommendations and/or Action Steps

To enhance your learning experience on Briefing Papers that you may find useful in this course, other graduate courses, or professionally, here are three links to review.

The Presentation Instructions (7 Percentage Points)

1.  Condense the findings of your paper to a brief presentation for delivery to the BOD.
2.  Much of today’s communication is done through a variety of electronic tools made available through the internet. E-mails, texting, interactive web sites, cloud technology (like Google Drive), video chats, and social media are all important in how we communicate. The challenge of your Presentation is to communicate the basic findings of your team’s paper to your classmates, your Professor, and your intended audience through the use of a virtual presentation tool; as if your Team was reporting your findings to a global audience of people located in thousands of different locations around the world.
3.  The Presentation must be designed to be “asynchronous.” This means, just like our Discussions Board, it can be viewed at any time as a self-contained presentation without the direct participation of any team member.
4.  While Prezi and Google Sites are specific examples of the kind of virtual tools your Team might use, each team is strongly encouraged to explore, experiment, and creatively use the best tool available for communicating their findings. Simply sending a recorded PowerPoint Presentation to everyone as an e-mail attachment will not meet the requirements for this assignment.

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