To be able to defend a network from threats most e

To be able to defend a network from threats most effectively, you must first understand the threats you are protecting the system from and what it is you are trying to protect. In this assignment, you’ll be theorizing possible threats for different types of organizations.
Section 1.3.1 of the textbook describes threat agents. It also outlines the contents of a threat agent profile. There are 7 elements to a profile (see section 1.3.1 of the textbook).
Select two (2) different industries of your choice and provide the following information for each. Save your work in a .doc/docx word file that includes your name and submit the document using the link above.
Industry (Some examples: Retail, Hotel, Aerospace, Education, Manufacturing, etc.)
Assets – what do companies in your selected industry need to protect? Processes? Data? Be Specific.
Threat Actors – What actors may have an interest in that industry’s assets? Be as specific as possible. This will relate to the plausible goals of the specific actor.
Threat Agent Profile – Identify the threat agents profile (overview of the threat agent, goals of the threat agent, mode of operation, level of motivation, capabilities, and constraints). Include references.
Threat actor capabilities – How advanced are these threat actors? What kind of capabilities do they have? For example, can they conduct human intelligence operations? Do they have custom malware written for specific manufacturing systems?
Recommended Defenses – Using what you know so far, what defenses or precautions should the industry take in defense of the specific threat actor you have identified?
Provide any sources you used

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